Swimming Instructors in London

Our swimming instructors in London can help to transform your swimming style with an effective, efficient new way of swimming.

A life skill such as swimming is essential and we believe that it should be taught from as young an age as possible. Traditional teaching methods of swimming are proven to be inefficient, tiring and more times than not, they deter people from progressing further with their swimming development as it becomes unenjoyable.

Over many years our swimming techniques have been developed and structured to be used by all levels of swimmer. This can vary from a professional swimmer, fitness swimmer all the way to being a casual swimmer. These techniques are highly effective and results achieved with less effort.

Through our developments we have seen that leisure swimmers enjoy the experience through our swimming instruction techniques more and spend longer in the pool, achieving better results and becoming fitter than expected.

Understanding that searching for the correct swim instructor in London can be time consuming, our aim is to make this process easier for you. We hold a network of high standard swimming instructors and can be found via our Find A Coach tool. This tool allows you to search your postcode and find the closest swimming instructor to you all over the UK. Find a swimming instructor in London today using Total Immersion.

The Blog and Free Stuff areas on this website feature a number of articles and free information., these are designed to help you improve your swimming technique. You can use our Forum as well, as place to communicate with other swimming to discuss various topics and ideas. This is all helps you improve your swimming techniques.

If you are interested in finding out more, please Request a Call Back or Send us an Email.


25th October 2020

The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 2RX

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Total Immersion Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop - Coventry
8th November 2020

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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