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Transform your swim style with an efficient, effective new way of swimming, taught by one of our swimming coaches in London.

Arguably, swimming is an essential life skill that we believe should be taught from as young an age as possible. Humans are not designed for swimming and traditional coaching methods teach an inefficient, tiring technique that can often deter people from progressing further or even enjoying the experience.

Our unique swimming techniques have been developed over many years and are designed to be used by any level of swimmer, from a leisure or general fitness swimmer, to a professional athlete and are highly effective, engineering increased results through less effort.

We have found that leisure swimmers, through an improved swimming technique, enjoy the experience more and consequently spend longer time in the pool, achieving better-than-expected levels of fitness.

We recognise that searching for the right swim coach in London can be time consuming, but our aim is help you find one that suits you. Our network of highly trained coaches are located across the UK but our Find A coach tool allows you to enter your postcode and find the closest swimming coach to your location. Find a Swimming Coach in London today and make the most from your fitness regime.

Our popular Blog and Free Stuff areas feature a number of articles and free booklets, designed to help you improve your technique and performance and our Forum is a place for you to engage with other like-minded TI swimmers to discuss individual topics and ideas.

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25th October 2020

The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 2RX

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Total Immersion Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop - Coventry
8th November 2020

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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