Become A TI Coach

Total Immersion is not only a revolutionary way to teach and practice swimming, but a unique career opportunity as well. If you love TI swimming, why not make your living teaching what you love?

TI instructors are distinguished from all others both by their ability to teach anyone to swim well, and their capacity to inspire their students to real passion for swimming and launch them on a Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Swimming path.


Why Become a TI Teaching Professional?

Your strongest motivation should be:

  1. A deep passion for TI Swimming and a desire to share it with others;

  2. A desire to advance your own practice and mastery by teaching others; and

  3. The knowledge of how satisfying it will be to help others master an essential life skill.

How will I be trained?

Your TI professional path begins as a Certified Coach 1.0. Our instructor development program is designed to develop both teaching and people skills in small-group training sessions with personal attention. You'll learn the biomechanics and fluid dynamics of a human body moving through water, a foolproof stepwise system for teaching the foundations of super-efficient swimming - as well as the science of learning and art of teaching. We'll cover in-pool instruction, and how to accelerate learning through subtle hands-on adjustment of head, limbs, torso - even the fingers. We'll also cover video analysis and methods for presenting TI concepts and principles to individuals and small groups.

What is the cost?

Tuition for the Total Immersion 1.0 Coach Certification 5.5 DAY Course is £1400. And £1800 for the Apprenticeship Program.

How can I use my certification and license as a TI Teaching Professional?

Promote yourself as a Certified Total Immersion Coach and coach private lessons and groups of up to 3 people. Use the globally-recognized Total Immersion name, trademarks and logo to market your business. Be listed on TI's global directory of certified instructors. (Additional fee applies) Join the TI Coach Academy to continue your self-improvement as an instructor and business owner. Participate in teaching opportunities on the TI Academy to bring yourself before thousands of daily visitors on the TI website. Purchase any official TI-self-coaching tools (books, DVDs, etc) for resale at preferred Coach Wholesale rate Earn money by participating in the Coach Affiliate Sales program. Participate in additional TI training and certification programs open to Certified Coaches only. And much more...

How do I qualify to attend the training course?

Complete three steps:

  1. Step 1 - Experience TI As A Student
  2. Learn and practice TI stroke technique by attending a live TI training event, or receiving a series of lessons from a certified TI Coach. TI has a unique way of learning and teaching. All would-be coaches should experience TI as a student before seeking to teach it.

  3. Step 2 - Master The Form and Essential Drills
  4. Practice both the TI freestyle stroke and the 4 main drills presented in the TI Essential Skills video learning program. Submit a link to video of your comfortable demonstration of whole stroke and a select group of drills.

  5. Step 3 - Apply For The Course
  6. Apply for the coach training course, attend, and complete the TI Coach 1.0 Certification Course (5.5 days). Or via an Apprenticeship Program

How Do I Apply?

You may click here to view the application. In order to complete the application you will be asked to:

  • Provide your complete contact information
  • Answer several interview questions (listed in the application)
  • Provide links to video demonstration you have made (see below for description of the video demonstration)
  • Review and sign a TI Instructor Agreement

You may want to view the interview form in order to copy the interview questions and write your answers offline, then paste them into the application when you are ready to finish it.

CCC Application Video Demo Requirements

In preparation for your TI Coach 1.0 training experience you are expected to spend some time (perhaps months) training in the TI technique and drills. TI Coaches are expected to competently demonstrate everything they teach. The camp is intended to focus upon teaching trainees how to teach rather than how to perform the drills, so you'll need to spend the time necessarily to become comfortable and confident in the demonstration of the basic TI freestyle skills before applying for the course.

Please shoot the following video demonstrations, upload to your preferred hosting site, then provide links to permit us to review:

  • Whole-stroke--Underwater side view - minimum of 12 strokes, including 4 or more breaths
  • Whole-stroke, Underwater front view - 8 or more strokes, including 2 or more breaths
  • Whole-stroke Surface front view - 8 or more strokes, including 2 or more breaths
  • Whole-stroke Surface side view - 12 or more strokes, including 4 or more breaths
  • Superman Glide, from standing push-off to 3 or 4 seconds glide - Surface side view fairly tight (your body should fill the frame)
  • Superman to Right Skate
  • Superman to Left Skate
  • Bilateral (to both sides) Breathing

You will have been introduced to these drills in your live TI Freestyle workshop experience or in live lessons with a certified TI Coach. In addition, they may be studied on the TI Essential Skills video program.

What happens during training?

Your training will include: Enrollment in our online TI Coach Academy training center for your Pre-Course and Post-Course study assignments. 3 days learning to develop the stroke and develop the mind of a swimmer for their own specific, personal goals. Practice in guiding live students through Level 1.0 TI freestyle drill sequence Practice in underwater video and analysis using TI diagnostic methods Learn the stroke skill development process and how to create a personalized lesson plan Learning how to create 'Super-Learning' Environments Issuing and signing of TI (UK) Agreement

During the course you will receive:

A Certificate of Completion TI Coach shirt TI Logo silicon cap Finis Tempo Trainer Pro TI Coach Trainee Manual A copy of an annually renewable agreement for independent international TI coaches Pre-training study material Basic instructor access to the TI Coach Academy (access for all instructors) 3-month trial of the TI Coach Academy membership (access to live, interactive education features) Coach discount program for products offered in the online TI Store. Access to exclusive discounts offered to TI Coaches by partner companies.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Tracey Baumann


Total Immersion Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop - Cardiff, Wales
4th December 2021

Hebron Hall Christian Centre, Cross Commons Road, Dinas Powys, CF64 4YB United Kingdom

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TI Effortless Endurance Freestyle: Woodford Green, Essex
12th December 2021

Bancroft’s School, High Road, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 0RF, United Kingdom

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