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A Happy Customer

21st September 2015

Great feedback from a Happy Customer on our Latest Effortless Endurance Workshop in Manchester

Just had to email you. I did your superb TI workshop last Sunday. I was the one who massively over rotated and hands surfed up! I've just had my best swim ever. Monday and Tuesday I was at the pool practicing, so I wouldn't forget the sensations I felt of being in balance on Sunday. I wasn't sure whether I should go to my coached swimfit session this morning as I didn't want to go back to old ways. I went. Started off with the group in the slowest lane then had to move over to the next lane as someone was being timed in my lane. At this point we were doing 100's on base time. I set off at the back concentrating on technique and not worrying about time. I have never before got the sensation I got then while swimming. I was cruising effortlessly, i was in time, the water was slipping past me. The girl in front was going to slow, I was on her heels!!! I felt like a fish!!!!! The next 5 felt the same. My times were all 20 seconds quicker than my normal pace. I wasn't trying to go fast!! Wow!!!! Trying to analyse what was so different after. It was so many things. Rotation massively better. Hands deeper in the water. One big thing was I wasn't wasting as much energy pulling back the water. I dont know how, but my body was gliding past my hands which felt stable in the water. I felt a power I've never felt before.
Anyway, as you can tell from this email, I am elated. I shall be practicing most days. I'm going open water swimming this evening at Salford Quays so I'll see if I can transfer the technique to swimming in a wetsuit.
I'm doing a triathlon on 27th Sept so am hoping for a better swim than normal.
A massive thankyou to yourself, Robert, Salkka and Iain. The best money I've spent in a long time.


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